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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 14

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IM IN! hehe :)

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W00000000 free stuff

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I've done all three... though my nickname is different on each social service!
I have the RE400 and am very satisfied with it. One of my favorite 'sounds' in a $1-300 range.
(The Momentums take over at $300+.)

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I'd Love to win one of these products. Count me in.

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Count me in!
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Sweet! All done. Best of luck everyone! :D

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Interesting... haven't broken into hifi so I hope this will kickstart me! Followed and liked :)

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Done and done!


Thanks guys, and good luck everyone.

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Hope I can get something~

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Like the facebook page as uid: nangryo (N Husein HA) and follow the twitter as n_abrorio (Audio Lover) and now reply on this thread. All done smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by TeamHiFiMAN View Post

Hi guys,


we gonna send free gifts to the people who are interested in our products, and the rule is very simple. us on the Facebook (Hifiman electronics)


2.follow us on Twitter(hifimanofficial)


3.reply this thread


we will randomly select 4 people on April 15,  and the gifts are:


1 RE600($399)

1 RE700+RE400($249)

2 RE400($99)


Good luck:)

i'd love too!! That is a great gesture....


But i have neither Facebook, neither twitter....:blink:


Any chance to be electable without these features? 

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I'm in! Why not, nothing to lose.
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Here's another post added to the pot.

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sweet.  count me in

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