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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 13

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Done :D

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Liked, followed, replied, and waiting. biggrin.gif

Edit: submitted prematurely.
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Hifiman bringing in the goods. :)

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Thanks HifiMan, I've always wanted a RE600 but I'm still saving up to purchase one.


Liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter

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Thanks guys smily_headphones1.gif Liked and liked!
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Thanks Hifiman, I enjoy your products.
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Howdy! Count me in!

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Well here goes nothing

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Liked and followed~

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You have been liked on facebook, followed on twitter, and replied. I think any of these would make for a great IEM for me.

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Liked and followed

I am in :D

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done with all three steps!


Good Luck every one~!

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I've been digging a pair of hifiman in-ears (and over-ears for that matter) for some time.  Also that player is an utterly gorgeous piece of design.  Liked, Followed, and replied.  Thanks for this opportunity!

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No Twitter = no play I take it?
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Done, Done, and DONE! 


Thanks for the opportunity, I've always wanted to try these praised buds:beyersmile: 

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