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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 2

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Well, I've heard the RE-400, so I can truthfully say that I do like it.

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Well, I can't say no to a giveaway....

Anyways, cant wait for the HE-400i and 560 to come out :o2smile: 


*edit* twitter is @SeanRooster, facebook Sean Wurster

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What a noble way of reaching out to all Head-fiers out there. Hifiman Rocks!!!

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Wow! Good luck everyone!

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Good luck everyone :)

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Done and done!

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Well, I'd be happy to have a replacement for my busted UM1. Stocks in our country is limited, so a free RE400 would be a nice consolation

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yes please :)

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As someone without a single pair of IEMs, I would love to win one of these! Yes please!

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i never win anything :(

but here's hoping :)

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Oh man-I hadn't considered HiFiMan stuff before, but this might very well change my mind!

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Yes please!
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I'm in too!

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Excellent and Free.  Why not.

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