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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 9

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BWAH iems q.q


still thanks Hifiman :3 good to see you guys doing a give away ^^ 

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Yup done all three  :ksc75smile: 

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count me in!

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Nice!  Haven't yet gotten into IEMS but very curious about them.  Will give them a check out!

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Very much interested in this!  Thanks!

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I'm in too! Twitter (@jonylin) and Facebook (Jonathan Lin). Thanks for reaching out to the Head-Fi community and I can't wait for the HE-560 to be released!

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Done, count me in!


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Replied, Thanks!

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Done! @amalgillmation
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All Done!!

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Pick me ;)

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A RE600 is absolutely a fabulous gift! Thank you Hifiman! 

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Just followed on both Facebook and Twitter. Facebook: Peter Song Wang, Twitter: @UnclePetar. Thanks!

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Looking forward!


(But do I really have to post my social media information here?)

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