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Another thread on USB cables

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I recently bought a PWD II. So now I'm looking for a proper USB cable.


I've read the arguments that say that specialty digital cables cannot make a difference: A person can legitimately hear differences between cables, but cannot legitimately claim that those differences constitute improvements that are worthy of the difference in price. Reading between the lines of The Absolute Sound 2013, I feel like the writers are saying that anything above Belkin Gold is fool's gold.


Nevertheless, the article praises Straight Wire, which is affordable at $60 for 2-meters. If you spend double, you can get a Wireworld Starlight 7, 2-meters, for $120. Then if you throw down another $40, you can get a Shunyata or Kimber, which are both reputable companies.


So I'm not really asking if anyone has compared all of those cables. Rather, I'm wondering if you can expect any real quality differences at all in this price range. I'm inclined to buy the Straight Wire, but I would go with the Wireworld if I had some good advice that it was worthwhile. I'm guessing that the extra premium for the Shunyata and Kimber are just for the name recognition.


Anyone have any thoughts?

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Wow, $120 for a USB cable?


That's ridiculous.... it's just a waste. You'd have to be some kind of audio guru to even claim to detect the difference between a well-built, gold plated USB cables for $15 and some kind of fancy one for over $100


In digital it doesn't matter; the digital signal sent through the metal wire is all 1s and 0s. A digital signal is much much much less susceptible to any EMI than an analogue signal. The values are discrete and have a fixed maximum and minimum, so any EMI will do almost nothing to a well-built, gold-plated, copper-core cable carrying a digital signal.


And even if there was some type of test to detect and difference between a $15 and $100 cable, I can assure, that to no human, the difference is audible.

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I got this for 6$


using Belking with PWD 2, could not find any difference between 300$ usb cable listed below.


I returned one and using Belking without any issues.

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I think you might be right. If I can't get behind a $500 USB, I don't see why I should get behind a $60 USB. I bought the Belkin Gold. I'm going to start from there.

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