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High End integrated Amp PA 3000 HV from T + A Germany

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Hi All My Head Fi friends

I would like to introduce The latest Amp from T+A Germany :

I havent heard This New Amps , look fantastic like a Germany tank
The Amps can Swing to 360 Volt , thats why They Call HV For High Voltage
I Will Share My impression if My Friend has his Amp .


High end integrated Amp T+A

PA 3000 HV Amp is my dream headphone amp for € 15 K Euro

The PA 3000 HV is an audiophile High-End integrated amplifier packed full of unique, newly developed technological features. The measured values, speci-fication and power generated by this machine represent the limit of what is physically possible. The components and materials employed are of first-class quality, without compromise, and the workmanship of the case sets new standards which are unequalled even by much more expensive equipment. The case of the PA 3000 HV demonstrates the fundamental design principle of this range: the left and right channels are symmetrical, and of completely separate construction. This double-mono design, with discrete, independent circuit boards for the left and right channels, ensures outstanding channel separation, and prevents crosstalk.
The overall design of the T+A - HV (= High Voltage) series dictates that all the amplifier stages run at much higher operating voltages than usual; in the pre-amplifier this is 80 Volts, in the output stage 360 Volts. This means that - in a similar manner to valve-based amplifiers - the actual modulation of all stages is very small. Only a very small section (less than 20%) of the performance curve of the amplifier transistors is exploited, virtually eliminating the curved - i.e. non-linear - part of that curve. Further measures are also employed with the aim of linearising the voltage amplifier stages, such as cross-coupled differential amplifier cascodes and improved “Hawksford” cascodes with double J-FET control transistor. The result of the high operating voltages is extremely broad dynamic range combined with excellent linearity. We have developed this unique technology for use in all the machines in the series, since it provides enormous improvements in sound quality which naturally benefit the output stages of source devices such as the MP 3000 HV multi-source player as well as pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers.

Pre-amplifier stage
Frequency responce + 0/ – 3 dB
0,5 Hz – 450 kHz
Signal : noise ratio
105 / 110 dB
Total harmonic distortion
< 0,001%
< 0,001 %
Channel separation
> 90 dB
Nominal input sensitivity
High Level (RCA)
7 x 250 mVeff ... 3 Veff / 20 kOhms
Balanced (XLR)
4 x 500 mVeff ... 6 Veff / 5 kOhms
50 Ohms
1 x Recorder
250 mVeff / 100 Ohms
Nom 1 Veff, Max 9,5 Veff / 50 Ohms
Nom 1,45 Veff, Max 19,6 Veff / 50 Ohms
Output stage
Nominal output per channel at 240V
8 Ohms
300 Watts
4 Ohms
500 Watts
Peak output 8 Ohms
380 Watts
Peak output 4 Ohms
700 Watts
Power bandwidth
1 Hz - 150 kHz
Frequency responce + 0 /– 3 dB
0,5 Hz – 180 kHz
Slew rate
60 V/µs
Damping factor
> 65
Signal : noise ratio
> 115 dB
Total harmonic distortion
< 0,03 %
Reservoir capacity
120000 µF
Mains. 110 V/60 Hz or 220/240 V/50 Hz
1500 W
< 0,5 W
Triggerinput +5 ... 20V for external switching-on
Input 4 can be configured in surround mode
(output stages as front channels)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
17 x 46 x 46 cm
38 kg
Silver aluminium case, Titanium, black heat sink
Remote control
F 3000
Technical modifications reserved

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I don't know this, but my main source since several months is the mighty MP 3000 HV and I couldn't be happier. :)

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Originally Posted by Fafner View Post

I don't know this, but my main source since several months is the mighty MP 3000 HV and I couldn't be happier. smily_headphones1.gif

WOOOW Multiplayer 3000 HV
Congrats Fafner
Please share your impression about your Multi Player 3000 HV
I haven't heard all from this HV series

I have my tube pre amp : T+A. P10.2 , since two years still can not find that better than my tube pre amp

Only one headphone amp that can bit my T+A P 10.2 is Mass Ko Bo 394 in term of power to drive my Abyss 1266
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Well...it's a fantastic source, no doubt about it. In the photo you can see it laying between my old Marantz SA-7S1 and the B52 amp. The Marantz served me well for several years, I'm keeping it but frankly haven't even turned it on again after having received the T+A. The only thing the german beast lacks is SACD/DSD support, which is quite surprising as this brand has been playing in the SACD field in the past. I guess I'm going to keep it for the (admitely few) SACD discs I own, I must admin I haven't tried comparing native SACD from the Marantz to standard CD track on the T+A, but I guess the Marantz would still win on this field. I guess not with 192/24 stuff however.

I was in search of a new source to get a bit up to date, as the Marantz was a pure disc spinner without all the new streaming/highres/ect stuff. I was torn between the T+A and the new Marantz NA-11S1, at the end the I went for the T+A due to its capability to still be able to play discs and to the better reviews around.

The detail retrieval capability this thing is able to reach, while still mantaining an exquisite musicality, is beyond the believable, especially with filters 3 and 4 (which most do recommend indeed). The Marantz was no slouch but techology has further improved during these years, the difference is nothing short of amazing. Using it as a DAC from my BluRay player, my concert BD discs now got a new life. This beast and the Bendix tubes I got for my B52 have been the most evident sonic upgrades I've had in long time, my balanced HD800 is very thankful for that. :) The only thing the T+A folks should improve is their software department...the iOS app used to control the device is very prone to crashes, which were aknowledged by the dev team, but updates come out very slowly, and if you want to get gapless support when playing audio from a NAS you don't have many other choices than using their proprietary app.








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