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Fake Beats By Dre Driver Change

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Hey all!

First of all, let me just start by saying that yes, I am a very shallow man who likes the way Beats look, and no, I'm not 15. Also I think Beats, regardless of how they sound, have done a great service to headphones in general, making a whole new generation of people consider paying 300$ for a pair of headphones instead of just using the plugs that came with their phone/mp3 player/whatever.

I on the other hand am not considering paying 300$ for slightly functional glorified jewelry, that's what watches are for. I just ordered a pair of fake Beats Mixr 'phones for around 25$, and I plan to use them on commutes and such, if they don't look terribly fake. Also, if (and most likely when) they sound awful, I was planning on replacing the drivers with something better.

I have a pair of presumably fake ATH-M50, which sound good, but that never really get worn, because my CAL and Samson SR850 are just so much more comfortable, and sound about as good. I could take the M50 apart and try to put the drivers into the fake Mixrs, if they fit. It'd be bassy like both the originals, and also have the removable cord that was always missing from the M50. Pretty nice if you ask me.

Since the ATH-M50 drivers most likely won't fit, I have also considered using a pair of Koss KSC-75 that I have laying around. I don't know how they would sound since they are open and the Mixrs are closed, but I've read great things about the KSC-75 in closed Grado style cups, (the StratoKOSSter most notably) so it may work, who knows.

I could also use my JVC HA-S400 drivers, which are housed in cups very similar to the Beats, but I use them quite a bit at the moment, and I'm not crazy about the idea of possibly destroying them. If I get really adventurous I could always order some drivers just for the Beats, but since I know nothing about where and what to order I think I'll stick with what I have for now.

TL;DR: I wanna replace the drivers on some fake Beats with those from my current headphones.

My question is: Has anyone here done a driver change on these or similar 'phones? I'd really appreciate any pointers and things to consider from people who have replaced drivers on other headphones too, since this would be my first real modding experience, other than a couple of reterminations. Things like what kind of drivers work with closed supra-aural headphones, what materials I'd need, how easy it is to burn the driver when soldering a cord to it and such.

If I do decide to try the driver change, I'll post the results here, in case anyone else is interested.

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I think you need to replace, 40 mm headset unit. According to your idea to fill the sound hole behind the unit, different sponge has a certain influence on voice! Actually I think the unit is the main part, modify the other didn't make any sense, enjoy the process of the mod! You'll get more pleasure from it

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