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For Sale:
schiit lyr with tubes

Will Ship To: CONUS

hoping for a fast sale, to raise some cash for another piece of equipment (the bha-1)

the amp is in great shape, other than being well traveled but its been well taken care of.

it comes with one pair of stock from schiit, ge tubes, but what's special here are the two

additional pairs of tubes.

one pair of phillips mini watts and one pair of '74 siemens cca's.

the posting for the mini watts:

i purchased the siemens from the same head-fi'er


"1974 Siemens Cca A-Frames.  The printing is worn off but they are brand new...less than 20 hours.  This is what Brent Jessee says about them...


~~ Cca (ultra premium 6DJ8/6922) Siemens, made in Germany, 1970s vintage, gold pins.MATCHED PAIR New Old Stock white Box.SINGLE TUBES, WHEN AVAILABLE ARE $198.00! More stock just in! Nice Siemens early 1970s vintage German made tubes, these are similiar to the Telefunken Cca. These are the last of the 1960s style with the wide getter support with the crease in the middle of it. The Cca is one of the "Holy Grail" tubes in the 6922/7308 family, and probably the best audiophile 6DJ8 type ever made, at any time. These are VERY scarce in the USA. Labels are good and these are genuine Siemens tubes, not later East German or Russian copies. Very nicely matched pairs, supplied with test data. SINGLE TUBES, WHEN AVAILABLE, ARE $175.00 $399.00 per pair"


both sets of the upgaded tubes produce the best sound i've heard with the lyr, better than bb's, og's, tele's.

the price includes shipping to the US, and paypal fees.

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