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I have purchased a pair of Brainwavz S1's to use in my gym sessions, The over ear cable design and robust looking flat cable attracted me to them. So far very impressed. Whilst the supplied Comply buds offer the best seal I have my doubts about durability in the hot sweaty world of the gym. I found the supplied large single flange silicon tips almost as good and definitely good enough for the gym and no doubt cheaper and more durable.
I was surprised to hear that Brainwavz don't supply spare tips. As we all know a good seal is essential to ensure the phones work correctly and having found the perfect fit in the supplied ear tips its very frustrating to be told you cant get direct replacements. . I now face trawling through Amazon or Ebay trying to find a tip which is as close as possible to the Brainwavz supplied buds in size and texture.

Does anyone have any experience of sourcing same, or any recommendations ?.