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Sorry for the second thread, but I decided to go fresh because my last thread wasn't very well written. 



I am looking for a player that is neutral (read: flat frequency response), transparent, very detailed, and able to drive 36ohm headphones (KRK KNS 8400) more than adequately. And lastly, I don't want to get another Sansa player (don't even get me started...). Rockbox functionality would be great, but it's not required. Right now I am curious about the IBasso DX100 and DX50, but I've read about some pretty scary flaws with each of them. It seems there aren't a lot of competent DAPs out there unless you're willing to break the bank. 


Please help me. I'm desperate for audio refuge. The clip zip and clip+ have both failed me several times due to their faulty input jacks, and I'm categorically done with them. Thank you so very much. I appreciate any and all assistance.