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For Sale: ***SOLD*** SENN 650s FOR SALE

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: US

I have a pair of SENN 650's (in very good condition) OFFICIALLY for sale ... they come with a balanced cable (fidelity audio - doesn't look too pretty but sounds good) and the stock cable ... I threw out the sponge in the box bc it smelled ...  the cans look and sound great ... $290 (shipping is included in the price) for an easy 9/10 pair of great cans ... NO TRADES ... CONUS ONLY ... no paint chipping ... mesh is unblemished ... No sales to new members or members without any posts ... No sales to members whose PayPal address and name is not the same name of the person I'm doing business with ... No sales to anyone outside of the US - and no, I won't mail it to your friend inside of the US ... sorry, for being such a tight ass, but I've been getting too many fishy offers ... best ... JB

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Might be interested... need to see pics and what kind of connector your balanced cable has.

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Yes, but i don't have a month.  They'd have to be shipped to my son in Memphis to arrive there NLT April 24th, where I would pick them up.  After that, I'm back in Denmark. What cable?

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The RSA/ALO cable.  

Originally Posted by Frihed89 View Post

What cable?


you said you have a balanced cable, there are a few types.. the regular 4-pin xlr, and the RSA/ALO style cable.  (I have an ALO amp, that's why I ask)

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when i'm back in NY mid-may i'll post pics and more info

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Any trades?

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no trades

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pm sent

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pm sent

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Is this still available?

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Have these been sold yet?

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still up

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Oh whoops, sent Pm about trade, Sorry :(

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Hi will you take $270?
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