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For Sale: ***SOLD*** SONY SA5000s FOR SALE

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: US

I have a pair of SONY SA5000's (in very good condition) OFFICIALLY for sale ... they look and sound great ... $340 (shipping is included in the price) for an easy 8.5-9/10 example of a fine sounding pair of cans ... NO TRADES ... CONUS ONLY ... i'd forgotten how good these things still sound ... if you love rock or fast stuff or any music where accuracy and PRAT are important these things are amazing ... No sales to new members or members without any posts ... No sales to members whose PayPal address and name is not the same name of the person I'm doing business with ... No sales to anyone outside of the US - and no, I won't mail it to your friend inside of the US ... sorry, for being such a tight ass, but I've been getting too many fishy offers ... best ... JB

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Too bad it is US only..

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I have the baby brother sa3000, awesome phone!!
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I sold my SA5000 too. I knew I would regret it. I do. 


You'll never be able to get them back! What's really awesome, since they are so wicked fast, it to run a 10" powered sub in line with the 5K to reinforce that low end. Crossover and EQ it right, and that's one kickin sound for electronic music. 

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I'm interested! PM sent.
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PM sent. I hope it's not sold yet =(

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