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Torn between Headphones HFI-580 Or ATH-M50

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Hi all,


I have gone in person to a professional audio store, tried out both of these headphones. I love the sound of both and do prefer closed headphones compared to open from the likes of AKG and Grado


From what i have gathered from the feeling of both of these with both plugged into a high quality DAC. My music taste and reviewing quality headphones are from playing S.O.S band and 80's funk with great snare and bass.


ATH-M50's have great vocal and instrument separation, i can hear clear separation between bass, snare, drum, vocals all banging so well but at times can be a bit flat and baseless. The build quality is lacking for me atleast compared to the 580's. They dont fit my ears well and i have small ears! the drivers hit my ear.


HFI-580's sound amazing for well made bass songs, and while is quite warm sounding  (which i like) can be quite fatiguing it also does sound quite 1 dimensional and closed. The snares or vocals sound all in the same location as everything else or all instroments are very far away in the background. While it does blend into a nice bassy warm sound. It doesn't excite me as much as separated instruments snaring and blasting around the place. I love the quality of the material on these however,


I have been told the 580's are the better pair all around. And i feel they would be great for general PC use. But I love seperation of the M50's but hate the flatness of them at times for general use. 


Are there any headphones out there that have a warm, clear seperation with nice tight bass?

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Well another option would be the Sennheiser HD 598 or 558, both on sale. They are better then the ATH's, ESPECIALLY if plunged into an amp. Although they are  both open headphones, and probably do not have as much bass as you would like, they are both warmer middy cans. For closed the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO are great headphones also. These are all under $200. Please ask any questions if you want.

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I'd take HD380Pro or DT770 over M50 any day, especially DT770.

You will probably also find DT770 tremendously comfortable.

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