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Ideas to make a DT 770 Pro 80 Ohms go surround?

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I'm currently fixed on getting the DT 770 Pro 80.


This is the first time I'm going to get an enthusiast-level headphone set and would like to gather as much information as I can get regarding the DAC and AMP and surround processing before I spend on them. My budget for a headphone is in the DT 770 / A900X range.


I will be using the headphone to play games and listening to a variety of music (including lounge, synth). I like deep bass sounds. I'll be using the headphone with my laptop Schenker XMG A102 laptop - Core i7, Windows 7, which comes with Geforce GT650m + Intel HD 4000 and VIA HD Audio.


I like the bass that comes out of music pieces like the Uncharted Worlds Galaxy Map music in Mass Effect series.


I would like to know how best to convert the DT 770 Pro into a 7.1 surround sound, and at the same time maintain good music listening experience.


For DAC/AMP, I thought of getting the Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2.


But the Dragonfly does not have the ability to process virtual surround. In that case, should I combine it with another USB virtual surround processor? If so, what is the best virtual surround processor USB processor?


And will a USB surround processor like the Xonar U7 or Astro Mixamp Pro interfere with the DAC on the Dragonfly?


Are there any Dolby Headphone capable USB processor or other USB Virtual 7.1 processor that is worth getting currently available at ebay?


And if I need to get both a virtual surround processor and an AMP/DAC, how should I connect to my laptop - the AMP first, then the surround processor?


Or is it possible to get an AMP or DAC like the Dragonfly 1.2 and use a software like the Razor Surround? Are there any other downloadable virtual surround software?


Thank You !

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While there are music recorded in 5.1, the vast vast VAST majority of music is 2 channels only. The only way you can get virtual surround sound from headphones with plain ol' 2.0 channel music is to use programs like this or this.


As for games, you should get something that can take a game API and convert it properly for headphones like this nifty device, which is a portable soundcard that sports cmss3d headphone, which is a technology similar to dolby headphone. This is for computers only.


For console gaming, something like the earforce dss1/2, astro mixamp, or creative recon3d will be what you need. These will also work with your laptop if it has an spdif(optical) output. It's better to stick with soundcards for computers though.


You may want to visit this thread for help regarding sound cards and gaming audio for pc. But since you only have a laptop, the creative usb soundcard i linked will be all you need. It also comes with a audio tweaking program that simulates surround as well as an equalizer, a clarity enhancer, and a bass booster and more. 


Also, the dt770 isn't particularly demanding, so everything that i mentioned should have more than enough power.

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Thanks for the informative links.


For music, I prefer to listen in plain stereo. It's for games that I would like to have an accurate form of virtual surround as possible for the DT 770 Pro. I was wondering if the software form such as Razer Surround would suffice for it. I do have THX TruStudio Pro  which came with the VIA HD Audio in my laptop but I do not feel so convinced with the positioning, currently using with my basic Microsoft LX-1000 headset. The Razer Surround software is more convincing even with the said headset.


I'm wondering how best to pair the DT 770 Pro for a virtual surround in gaming - either software or by using a USB DAC that supports virtual surround like the Creative X-Fi HD or 5.1 USB or ASUS Xonar U7 etc.


And I also do not know if I need to get a separate AMP for the 80 Ohms 770 in addition to the Surround processors as mentioned above.


I was initially thinking of getting a Dolby Headphone capable USB processor and couple it with the Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2 DAC. Either that or get a X-Fi HD or Xonar U7 and to couple with the Dragonfly?

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I suggest you ask away in the PC gaming thread. Whatever they suggest to you will be enough to power your dt770 as they're not that demanding.

Also, sound cards themselves are DAC/amps. So you can't combine them with other DACs. You can however, combine sound cards with standalone amps like the schiit vali/magni. But it's not a must for your beyers.
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