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Advice needed

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I'm looking for a good headphone in the £50~£100 range. I'll buy It in Clermont Ferrand in France so I'll be using fnac.com to check price/models.


It's use will probably be limited to games, I'm not an audiophile and I never really saw the need for using them for music/movies, but maybe that will change with a decent headphone. I can't say I have a preference, so far I've only owned a few cheap headphones so I don't really know what I like. I think I would like It to have plenty of detail, good sound stage and not too heavy on bass. Comfort and durability are very important factors, I'm actually willing to sacrifice a bit of sound quality for comfort and I would probably pass on good headphones with bad build quality.



I went through this thread got really interested in Skullcandy SLYR, Audio Technica M50 and Creative Aurvana Live!. Sadly both M50 and CAL are over £100 in fnac so they're out of my price range. SLYR is £80 but I'm worried about It's durability, It doesn't feel like this thing would last a year and I'm not sure If I'm willing to risk It. I live in Brazil so If It breaks I won't be able to get a replacement .


Anyway, I'm looking for alternatives at this price range.

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If your using them for gaming, I'm going to assume you are using them at home. In which case, I would look at a pair of open back headphones. The Sennheiser HD558's should be great for gaming and music too, if you ever come around. 

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I second that. Even though I don't have the best set up, the Sennheiser HD558 are amazing for games and music. I have all my devices (Xbox One, PS4, Directv box, and Apple TV) connected to my TV through HDMI. Then I connect the TV line-out to a Fiio E6 amp and then the Senhheisers. Couldn't be happier at the moment.
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Sadly I couldn't find that headphone in fnac.com. I'll still write the name down and look for It, but I need other alternatives that are easy to find in France.



It was CAL2 that was over £100, I've found CAL for £62,30


Would It be fine to use It without amp and onboard sound?

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I found it. Sennheiser HD 558. I know it's slightly above your price limit, but it's worth it. 

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So far I've only used sub $20 headphones and never really felt the need of getting something better. I'm going to give It a try and see If I think It's worth spending more on a better headphone and for now I'm just not comfortable into spending too much on It. I'll possibly buy a better headphone in a few months If I think It was worth It but for now I just can't justify to myself on why I should spend more than £100 on this.

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Originally Posted by aflamingo View Post

I'll possibly buy a better headphone in a few months If I think It was worth It but for now I just can't justify to myself on why I should spend more than £100 on this.

Well, if you didn't limit yourself to that one vendor, people could make recommendations for you for good headphones in the £100 range.
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Originally Posted by cel4145 View Post

Well, if you didn't limit yourself to that one vendor, people could make recommendations for you for good headphones in the £100 range.

I'm not really limiting myself to fnac, It's just that on top of my head I can't remember any other store there with a website to check If It has the headphone or not. Feel free to recommend one that isn't available in fnac, I'll still look for It, but I still want some options that I'm guaranteed to find.


I live in Brazil but things are way overpriced here so I really want to get a decent one in France. The cheapest Sennheiser HD 558 I could find in Brazil was $269,70.

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So far I'm between Creative Aurvana Live (£60,54) and Skullcandy SLYR (£79,99), but I'm more inclined to go for CAL. I MIGHT consider Sennheiser HD 558 (£129) and AKG K240 MKII (£119) If I can't find any of those, but I'm not happy on going over my budget. Any more suggestions? It doesn't have to be available on fnac, but that helps.

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I personally picked up a pair of Creative Aurvana Lives and I absolutely love them. They are a great little pair of headphones. But, depending upon if you're wanting something for gaming, and don't necessarily need it to be portable, I would look at something open-back like the AKG K240's or if you can find a pair the Audio-technica ATH-AD700's.

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AKG K240 goes over my budget but I might consider It or Sennheiser HD 558 If I can't find CAL or SLYR. AD700x seems to be incredibly overpriced in France, It's £200 in fnac.

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Depending if you're willing to buy from another site:



just under £100

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Ever since Skullcandy purchased Astro Gaming, their headsets reportedly have been decent for gaming, but the general consensus is that for the same price as a headset, you can get a substantially better pair of phones.

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I'll be staying in France for less than a week so I don't want to risk buying anything online. While I'm using fnac website to check for prices I'll only buy in physical stores.


Due to my complete lack of experience with headphones I'm relying exclusively on what more experienced people are saying. Mad Lust Envy seemed to like SLYR more than AD700 and It's cheaper in France, CAL got better score than SLYR and that's why I'm inclined to go with It. I've heard good things about Grado SR60i but in fnac It's £89, so It's more expensive than both SLYR and CAL and It doesn't seem to be better for games. I'm also considering Samson SR850 due to good reviews (specially Napilopez's review) and DSnuts posts about It



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