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For Sale: IC: UM Miracle

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For Sale:
IC: UM Miracle

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is a very new Unique Melody Miracle.


This is a custom in ear monitor (CIEM), and as such, you will have to have these reshelled. They are relatively new, and the warranty will still be in effect until May 30, 2014.


Cost of reshell includes visiting a local audiologist for ear molds ($65 to $80), and the reshell itself. I have seen reshells gone for as low as $115, but the best bet is to send these back to Unique Melody for the reshell, which starts at $249. For more info, visit


I bought these 2nd hand here, with plans to reshell them, but things come up, and I am entertaining the idea to sell them.



They come with the case, the warranty card, the carrying case, a bunch of brochures and frequency charts.


EDIT:  I have been in touch with Unique Melody with the intention of reshelling these, so I am more than happy to mail these directly to UM while you send in your ear molds to them, and split the shipping costs with you.  I will help coordinate that conversation if you so prefer.


Also, I highly recommend insurance on these for shipping obviously due to the value of these items.



EDIT: Photos added.  Sorry, not the best quality as these are just iphone photos, but I figured you are going to send them in for reshell anyways, so it's not really that big of a deal.






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Hi if you are interested in trade and topup from me do email thanks
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All PMs responded.


To answer your question, I would entertain trades, but am not looking to add any cash on my end as I am looking to get cash out of them.


Also, local purchases are welcomed (actually preferred) as I am apprehensive in shipping something in this price range.

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