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Carolina Newbie

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Hi everyone!


I go by the name of Hmminbrd and am a budding audio enthusiast. I've always enjoyed music but have only recently begun to investigate ways to increase my enjoyment through the use of better equipment.  To this end, and on my limited budget, I have built the following system:


Sansa Fuze+ (with rockbox)

Fiio E-11 Amp

Shure SE215 IEMs


I'm hoping for leads to the best IEMs for richer bass sound.


Perhaps I should mention that I'm an avid guitar fan - acoustic, finger picking and electric. I have a large music collection that spans everything from gospel and smooth jazz to new age spa, celtic, big band swing, classic rock and movie soundtracks.


Thanks in advance for your advice and allowing me to learn from your experience.

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Perhaps you would enjoy the RHA MA750's. A bit better bass, and overall build quality. 

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Thanks Batm...Halfinfinity. I'm looking at them now.


I also need excellent headphones with a mic, with clear voice recognition and no static or buzz because I do court reporting daily.

I've been using Turtle Beach gaming headphones cause my Plantronics and others have already bitten the dust. I've been through at least four headphones in the past year. So far the TB Call of Duty Black Ops are holding well, they buzz rarely and a small adjustment to the cord fixes that. They were reasonably priced so they're good workhouse headphones for transcription; I just hope they continue to hold up cause I'm at a loss as to what brand to try next when these fail.


Appreciate your suggestion.

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Yea, the 750's have a mic.

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I find this search function useful:


One important aspect is cable-born noise, which he's calling "microphonics." Enter a minimum value of 4.5 for that. I found a considerable difference between 4.5 and 4. Your Shures are a 4.5, which is good; stick with that.

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Excellent, will check out, thanks so much.
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