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I'm new to the audiophile world. I've spent time trying to grasp as much of the charts and concepts as I could, Impedance, Ohms, and so forth. I come to this community now with a scenario of what should I do. I will tell you what I have on the way as far as shipping, and ask your guidance in the matter. My main interest is computer gaming. I am moving towards the direction of 3d gaming (currently MechWarrior, and soon star citizen *rear admiral package and super hornet, still haven't played). I'm on an almost 2 yr old alienware x51.


The audio gear that is coming is:

FiiO e17

FiiO 09k

FiiO W1 - Sennheiser 363d's *virtual surround sound (according to you (*you- I mean the brilliant audiophile community)) doesn't work with the e17's.

I have also ordered the best priced highest quality for dollar 3D monitor (hours to find it) - ASUS VG248QE Black 24" 144Hz 1ms (GTG) With that said, my dilemma is what cell phone to get with it.


I have a homeless man's version of a Verizon phone. I'm staying with that carrier. I wanted to set up camera's for IP viewing on my phone. That narrows it down to IPhone 5s or an Android. <--- ~**Big Question**~ #1.


I heard my MWO clan say Android rocks now, and you guys confirmed it. ~**Medium Question**~ #2. --> Also, if I go Android, which, note 3? S5? I have an upgrade. 3 Gig's a month and unlimited everything else. Will the e17 work with the Android? I saw something about the 16/48 thing.


I added the W1's because they support 3d surround sound that otherwise wouldn't work with the 09EK, and had video/optical cable's, the E09K didn't, yet had a docking station for the IPhone I thought would be sitting there.


What do I keep, what do I send back? None of it has arrived yet. I really appreciate anyone that can answer my questions shorter and simpler than I asked them.


Thank you to whoever made it through this message /w eye's still open!