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For Sale: Ultimate Ears Triple fi 10

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For Sale:
Ultimate Ears Triple fi 10

Will Ship To: Europe

Selling these set of UE TF10


Come with noble audio cable,I used this as the stock one is pretty crap. Pins are maybe .3 of a mm longer in the noble cable,so tiny bit of the copper pin exposed. I rather have than than used the stock cable. However stock cable is included along with the noble cable. All original accessories apart from used tips included.


Sells for stated price,payment by paypal + 4% fee or by gift should the buyer wish. Postage will be signed for delivery and included in price.


Will ship to Ireland or the UK primarily..If in another Euro location please ask and we can take it from there.

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Curious if you'd sell just the earphones on their own, I'm not sure if you're up for selling the extra's on eBay etc.


I was just after the actual monitors for reshelling. I'm in the UK

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Nope, Im afraid im only selling whats in the pictures and not willing to break the tf10 accessories up into multi sales..

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