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Wireless in 100$ range ?

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I have xonard dg and Cal! and I love it's sound. Bought it thanks to help here and it was a great choice year ago. But the comfort is only so medicore in those and I am thinking about something wireless actually. Recently sony playstation wireless stereo 2.0 headset cought my attention. Its 100$ and have good reviews... but I somehow don't imagine it being close to my beloved CAL!. 

Also. I never cared for virtual surround, dolby headphone and other stuff like that. neither do I care for gaming mics and so on. I like simplicity like CAL!. Cable coming from each cup. Easy to solder if needed. simple. The new sony wireless playstation headset also looks simple and comfortable. The price is also right but I don't know how that wireless dongle works on pc.


Not to start from a wrong foot here. I was just wondering if, after a year from my putchase, something intersting afloated ? Maybe wireless? maybe detachable cable? Simple. versitale, warm and bassy (tho with a good taste)



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I would recommend buying something with wire because it definitely gives better sound.

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Well now thats an usefull advice...
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