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Beyerdynamic dt 990 250 ohm Help me with Amp

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Hello i want to purchase the beyerdynamic dt 990 250 ohm but im not sure how its going to do with my old amp. Its a Toshiba Aurex SB-M2 as far as i know you can find some of the information about the amp on ebay if you search up a SB M2 MANUAL youll see a page with some technical information which im confused about.


What i want to find out is will it be able to power the 250 ohms perfectly? and what is the max headphone ohms for the amp

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Chances are you will be just fine with just about any decent amp.  I would not worry about it unless you notice something really wrong with the sound.


Out of curiosity, by old, how old are we talking?

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Around 1982 i think 

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It should have more than enough power, but the question will be the output impedance of the amp and how it may cause signal loss or noise.  If you pick up extra noise, hiss, etc then the amp may be part of the problem.


I think you will be fine.

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I say give it a try and if it sounds bad just try a different receiver from a second hand store if you don't want to spend a lot.


DT990s are very fun headphones, they really stood out for me.

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I actually ordered the beyerdynamic dt 770 80 ohms. The amp only makes a hissing noise if i turn the treble right up on the amp itself. If it turn the treble up on a device which is plugged to the amp then the hissing noise is not present. 


Once my 770s arrive ill inform how they are doing with the amp compared to no amp or with a portable device like a phone/mp4 

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Good news indeed.

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I finally got them and they sound absolutely amazing. The bass is really deep tight and punchy. Mids are microscopically recessed but thats what i like for the music i listen to which is mainly hip hop. The trebles are crisp they are at that sweet point that they are very clear without being irritant. After about 6 hours of burn in they sound amazing. Without an amp on my nexus 5 im really impressed, i have to set the volume to max but on normal iems thats like 60% and thats where i like having my music at so its all good for me. With my amp they are actually quite bass heavy but that might be due to my selection of songs. They are incredibly comfortable i can wear them for hours and probably even fall asleep with them on my head. The pads dont cause my ears to sweat at all. 


Incredible headphones, not going to extend this post because i want to get back to listening to them. That's how good they are.

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Might not be the selection of songs. A phone's headphone amp might not have the dynamics to support heavy bass at the volume you listen to the way that your receiver does. So regular frequencies would sound fine, but it might not be able to put out quite the impact for lower midbass and sub bass.
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