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For Sale: Silvaweld Aphrodite

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$5,300 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Silvaweld Aphrodite

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Arguably the most ambitious preamp ever produced; it certainly is the most overbuilt in my book. fully balanced, transformer output, triple choke psu filtering with total of 18 tubes, 7 alone in the rectifier for regulating each 'channel' of the preamp (there are 4 channels for full balanced operation) with digital soft start for ensuring maximum tube life, 7/8th inch thick cnc aircraft grade aluminium enclosure for ultimate shielding, this is THE flagship model of the legendary Silvaweld company, being head and shoulders above the already praised (3rd best preamp in the world according to positivefeedback.com) swc1000.



I never got to compare it directly to a kondo system but the sound is simply awe inspiring. it has insane dynamics and micro detail that is just unbelievable.

A lot has to do with the unique quad tube rectification, the owner suggests. 


Only few were ever produced and the price was already equivalent of a sedan back when it was introduced. The unit is in pristine condition with original NOS tubes that are bound to last for a decade or more thanks to the innovative digital soft start. 


$5300+ shipping from Seoul, KR. The weight is already a killer but the value of it will ensure you won't need to move around another preamp for long time to come. 


**i do not know if this is true, it certainly is the only one i have ever seen in korea, but positivefeedback also states that only two aphrodite were ever produced. http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue21/wyetech_pearl.htm

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PM Sent


Hope to speak with you soon


Kind Regards

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ttt. Another set has been found. The unit is in same pristine condition, and the tubes will be biased for like-new performance. 


New pictures have been uploaded for the current unit.

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Hi you still have any Silvaweld preamps?
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