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Philips A5-Pro DJ Headphone

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Philips and acclaimed dance DJ Armin van Buuren have announced the launch of the new A5-Pro headphones with a private performance at the Miami Winter Music Conference.

The professional DJ headphones have been developed by the Dutch company along with Van Buuren, who designed them to "meet his needs as a globe-trotting DJ".

With 50mm high-definition neodymium drivers, the new Philips A5-Pros offer high-quality sound at low frequencies and have been engineered for 3500mW high-power handling.

Other features include acoustic closed-back architecture; dual-sided locking cable inputs; 90-degree swivel ear shell; an "ultra compact" folding design; and a detachable coil cable.

The headphones come with replaceable 93mm soft isolating ear-cushions, 80mm on-ear cushions and 110mm over-the-ear studio cushions that let you customise for optimum sound isolation.

The A5-Pros is the latest collaboration between Philips and Van Buuren, following on from the launch of the M1X-DJ sound system last year. 

"Through my headphones I control everything," said Van Buuren. "It needs to be a good piece of equipment because you're using it for the entire DJ set.

"I wanted to develop headphones that have easily replaceable parts and that you can style."

Philips creative director Tim Homewood added: "This collaboration is about using Armin's experience to create an essential tool for the needs of professional DJs."


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Looking forward on seeing reviews on this. Apparently you can also change the caps.



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It's out now on ebay.  Very interesting the 3 replacable sizes of pads from on ear to over ear..

found a couple vid links




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