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Audio Technica AX3/AX5

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Hi all,

It seems like Audio Technica is, once again, releasing way too many products. This time it's the new AX3 and AX5. I searched but didn't find any threads about them so I thought I'd start one.


These things are being released at the same time as the new in-ear CKR series. 


(pics from Audio Technica Japan website)



(AX3)                                                                                      (AX5)



Personally I think they look really good. The US Audio Technica website has the AX5 priced at $85 and the AX3 at $55. So if these sound good they could turn out to be a bargain. 







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Im interested in ax5, I love the black and blue. Never dissappointed in an audio technica product yet, but would love to hear a review first.
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mee too looking forward for Ax5..looks supercool with blue accent on black

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Looks like these are definitely getting an international release. Amazon has them up for pre-order with shipping expected within 1-3 months.
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