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Ear Gear Expo (EGX) at AXPONA show Chicago April 25-27

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Looks really interesting but I don't know which headphone related companys are going to show at this event. Nice to have as large a show such as Axpona in the mid west. Check it out.
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Originally Posted by Vangelis View Post

Looks really interesting but I don't know which headphone related companys are going to show at this event. Nice to have as large a show such as Axpona in the mid west. Check it out.

Looks like the list has been updated on the AXPONA site, Mr speakers, Sennheiser, JhAudio, Audeze, A&K, Woo Audio, Focal, Noble Audio, Sony, ZMF headphones, Wywires, etc.



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At the Benchmark in the Westin Ohare...getting primed for the weekend. ..
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 I went to last years show and it was a lot of fun. It had been too long a time since we had a good high end show in Chicago. The last one was that I can remember was the high end show they had at the Chicago historical society building on clark way back when?

  Looking at the exhibitor list there are a lot of repeat exhibitors this year from what I remembered from last years show. That is a  good thing because the exhibitors thought enough of last years showing and thought it would be worth it to come back. I hope this show becomes an annual event for us show starved audiophile in the Chicago area. I sure miss the consumer electronics shows when they held them in Chicago.

Those days were a blast. I am a union person but I guess the unions became a bit too pushy about everything back then and we lost a great show to union greed.

  Hope to see a lot of people at axpona this year. Have a blast.

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Here's a shot from last night while some were setting up.

I'll update it later this morning when they open.

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Up and running.

Dana cable blinged out...

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 There are a pretty good mix of headphones and hardware on display. A great  place to check out some of the phones and amps you have read about. I will check out some more tomorrow but I got a chance to check out some fine examples today.

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I was there yesterday and am going back today.  I took some pictures but after downloading them they all seem to be blurry.  Damn cheap camera or maybe it was the photographer. :D Oh, and I lost my phone too!  But I did put it in lost mode and about 15 minutes later someone called to say they found it, awesome!!!   


I got to hear the Chord Hugo through some Noble IEMs and the sound was very clear but I thought it lacked a bit of warmth.  I'm not sure it's $2500 good maybe $500.  Well I think the total with the headphones and DAP was around $6500.  That's just my opinion.



Here are some other photos.  I don't think Schit is here and I really wanted hear some of their stuff.





I finally got to briefly listen to some Senn 800s.  They really didn't appeal to me but that's just my opinion.



Some non-headphone stuff.  I don't know why but to me a lot of it sounded very bright and loud.  Maybe that's the audiophile sound?





I liked the KEF speakers.  They sounded a lot bigger than they really were.











I always liked the look of McIntosh equipment.  But again a little too bright and loud.





Not sure what this equipment was but it put out some good sound.



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Here are some shots form this morning...

Steady stream of people coming through.  It time for lunch though...

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Fire alarm went off and wouldn't you know it I was on the 12th floor.

A little bit of forced exercise walking down 12 flights of stairs. ..
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Wow, good thing I was gone by then. After going to this year's Axpona I think last year's event was better. I'm not a big fan of the Westin hotel. I'm sure rooms are pretty expensive but I thought the inside of the hotel wasn't that great. At last year's event I was given a badge and moved from floor to floor and room to room without any hassle. This year I was given a bracelet and I guess those were security guards that kept asking to see by bracelet. I felt like I was being watched and couldn't really relax. Food and snacks inside the hotel were outrageously expensive. I had lunch in their restaurant and a couple hours later I was hungry again. I ordered the roasted chicken for $18. I received a small chicken breast on top of some beans and I think spinach. For $18 + $4 for a diet coke I was expecting more. If Axpona is back next year and held here then I think I'll pass.
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From the "What's the right headphone for you?" seminar.
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I listened to this setup and it was amazing.  This gets my vote for best sound at the show.  It's an A&K Titan DAP and a Final Audio Design Pandora headphone.  I was listening to Patricia Barber and I never heard her sound so good and I've seen her live!


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The hotel corridors were confusing it would have been nice if there were signs indicating west and east and some arrows .I kept losing my bearings about where I had been before and where I was going to. I probably agree about the point with the wrist bands and the security personal. Big brother is watching. I did eat in the only restaurant and the bill for a burger and a coffee with tip was 22 dollars. the coffee was over 5 dollars(wow).

  I did feel more at ease at last years event.

 I talked with some of the exhibitors and they said their rooms were much difficult to set up for sound at the westin.

 But I still had a great time at the show. I got to hear a lot of headgear and amplifiers that I have read about and have never had any chance to actually hear them. Kudos to woo audio for showing up. All their amps sounded pretty damn good. I enjoyed ear expo room on the main floor. Though at times the din was distracting while listening to some of the open back phones.

  Of course there were also a lot of good sounding speaker rooms as well. I felt way more good rooms than bad

I talked with frank van alstine and he said his preamp has a very respectable headphone amp built into it that utilizes the preamps line stage with the addition of a buffer for headphone use.

Too bad he did not have a headphone to try the preamp headphone out .I would have liked to hear it.

  I also finally got a chance to check out a dark star the dynamics on this headphone amp just cannot be touched by any headphone amp that I heard at this years axpona event. nothing really came close. of course not everyone will  like its sound.

 I was astounded  with the dynamics of the convergent technology sl1 preamp. They have the best dynamics of any the preamps I heard at this years axpona. The dynamics were surprising considering the single ended output(no balanced outputs supplied). It did sound more like the dynamics you get from a balanced piece.

  Well there was a lot more to comment about but I do not want to get too long winded.

 The show was a blast.

   Come baaaaaaaack next year axpona!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm still new to this hobby (addiction), and now have attended two shows (Denver CamJam & Axpona).  Just curious; what are considered the can't miss shows that are open to the general public?  If you could only go to one or two shows, which would they be?

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