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IEMs under $125?

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Hello Head-Fi! I'm looking for a portable pair of IEMs, they don't have to be amazing but I'd like the best quality I can get under $125. I currently have V-Moda Crossfade M100s but I'm tired of carrying them around everywhere. I also have Shure SE215s but they sound a little muddy. Any suggestions? I'm into Dubstep, Hip-Hop, grunge, classic rock, etc, so.. pretty much something that will sound okay for every genre. 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Electro, you should try the senn cx985, they are amazing
I saw them in amazon for less than $100, so great value
I bought them for $130 three months ago, at first i didn't like very much it s like they have their own personality, but now i love them
I use this with iphone and fiio andes, with only iphone it is pretty nice but fiio its awesome highs are very detail and extended, mids warm but recessed and bass very deep and punchy, also the soundstage its incredible very accurate for being closed iems their 3d image its impressive i never have hear anything close enought to this,
My home headphones are hd558 and apart of their openback natural sound this are much much better in detail in fact I can compare only their mids, highs and bass are in other level
Also they look great very stylish all made of metal, cable very thin but i think strong enough and doesnt tangle which is nice
I really recommed this very good value
Sorry my bad english im from Peru smily_headphones1.gif
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I +1 the CX985.  It's funny Sparda said that he didn't like it very much at first.  I had the same reaction.  When I first tried them, I was like huh?  They didn't sound any better than my previous CX300's.  I was ready to return them, but stuck it out.  Then I started getting it little by little.  I don't know if it's burn-in or if it's getting used to the sound, or really listening, but now I really notice a significant improvement over the CX300.


As Sparda said though, the mids are recessed unfortunately.  But I used my Fiio e07k to bring down both the bass and treble and it really helped for me.  On the topic of bass, these things actually gave me a headache at first, even sometimes still depending on what I'm listening.  The bass is very strong.  The treble can be a little strong and fatiguing too.  Like I said, eq'ing it made them fantastic.  The soundstage and 3D effect are amazing, that's what's gonna make these hard to let go in the future.


I actually bought Momentum's a little while ago, but ended up returning them.  I didn't end up seeing much better SQ over the 985's.  Hopefully I don't get flamed for that, note that I'm fairly new to the audio scene.  Hope this helps.

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