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Wanted: Sony PFR-V1

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Sony PFR-V1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Send me a PM if you have a pair in good condition you want to sell.

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Highly recommended, really like mine, sort of mini K1000, got them a couple of years ago. I saw a couple for sale, one new with all accessories which includes a nice leather/pleather? Case and one set good condition second hand, no accessories.
Will PM you....

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I used to own a pair. Everything about this is TIP TOP except the bass. Definitely ZERO sub-bass and the lowest it goes is probably somewhere in the 50-60hz range at the lowest.


This was with mine having a custom cable, foam mod (with rubber grommet), and my custom rubber band mod (to how the ear tubes a little tighter on the head). 


So yeah, great headphones for sure. Just do not expect anything really in terms of deep bass.

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