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[WTB] Custom Built iBasso CB11 HR10A-7P-6P to Female 4-Pin XLR Interconnect [4 Inch]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

My stock CB11 just died, it's a shame seeing my my Old CB11 [from iBasso] was built MUCH better than this one


non the less I currently own a CB11, and it's losing the entire left channel. If I PUSH UP REAL hard on the plug I can get my left channel back.


Non the less I'm going to purchase another CB11, today [as there is one for sale] and see if I can isolate the cable as the issue. Non the less, looking at my current CB11 it's looks kind of cheap, the Rubber end of the female XLR is starting to pull out. As a whole the cable feels kinda cheap, so I'm fairly certain that's it's the cable, seeing as I owned a PB1 and my PB2 came is still fairly new


Back to the Cable... I think it's come "un screwed" literally I felt the hiRose adapter twist and i was able to twist it about 1/8 of an inch toward me. That said, I'm very certian it's the cable and would still like to get one built :3


Non the less, I'd like a nicer looking cable either way, as this current one is ugly and feels cheap [and it my also be defecting!] 


Non the less that said, I'm looking for some one who can build me a HR10A-7P-6P to Female 4-Pin XLR Interconnect. Assuming the cable is the problem [if the amp has an issue I'm boned] I'd like to have one built from new parts 


If any one is interested in building me one for the price listed above [includes shipping] let me know. As far as build time goes, I'd like to wait no more than about a six weeks


As mentioned I'd like it to be about 4 Inches, not including the jacks

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