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For Sale:
DNA Sonett Maxxed!-Mint, Top Tubes, Tons of Upgrades

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my maxxed DNA Sonett headamp. This is the single-ended version with all top tubes and tons of circuit upgrades by Igor at K Works Audio.


The serial number is 0002. This unit is handmade by Donald himself for a friend with probably the best building quality of all Sonetts. I bought this amp in Oct. 2013. The previous owner ordered tons of circuit upgrades from K Works Audio:

All the important wiring has been replaced with Cardas OFC Litz in Teflon, a major part of the operation to replace the inferior sounding silver plated wire that was in there. An ERS (RF) shield between the power section and sensitive signal section, and the narrow ERS strip across the AC input section. Other strategic repositioning of some parts or wires. 


The retail value for this amp is $1000. I'm not sure how much the previous owner paid for the upgrades, but I'm sure it's quite expensive. I bought the best green box 70's NOS 6H30np Russian Supertube for $200 in October.(recent sales

The rectifier tube is a black base 60's NOS Valvo GZ34 bought by the previous owner(worth about $100) and I'll also include a hifituning supreme fuse($60) and a brand new Sovtek 6H30($30) sent to me by the previous owner. The whole package probably worth over $1690 but now for only $780 you will get the maxxed Sonett, Valvo GZ34, Sovtek 6H30 and hifi-tuning fuse. I also sell the NOS 6H30 alone for $130 shipped. Buy them together you'll get $20 disaccount. The amp is in mint condition and comes with the original box.


With all these top upgrades, I think this maybe the best sounding Sonett in the world. Its SQ is very close to those high-end tube amps and only costs one-third of the price. It works amazing with HD800, in fact, when it was first released it's considered to be the best amp for HD800:

With all the new comers like WA5, Stratus, ECBA, B-52 or Studio 6, Sonett may not be in the top tier anymore, but I think it's still among the tier 1 amp especially with all of my top upgrades. The other amazing part about Sonett is that is works well with all kinds of headphones. Reason for sell is that I just upgraded to the ALO Studio 6 ($4000). Please see review thread of Sonett and their official site for more information:


​Split shipping and no paypal charge. Will provide international shipping but this case I can't offer any disaccount on shipping cost, instead, I'll cover all the paypal cost. Please feel free to contact my if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

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