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k550 removable cable mod

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Hey guys, I'm about to dig into my first headphone mod. I'm pretty sure I have it right but just to be sure I wanted to run it past you guys.


Obviously I'm planning on adding a removable cable feature to my AKG K550's, and right now I'm planning on getting this jack


Will that work for my needs? Here's a picture of the internals... which wires are soldered where?


Forgive me if this post belongs in a different thread. I'm happy to delete it and post there.

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Yes, this goes in the DIY forum, it's not hard to find.

The big red wire is right channel, big white is left, yellow is ground. Ignore the little red and black wires.

Do not use that jack. You need a stereo one and that one is mono.

Here's a better one that many of us use:
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