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$300-$350 IEM Suggestion

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Hey Head-fi'ers, I'm looking to get a pair of $300-350 IEMs.  This is my first purchase of higher-end IEMs and I'm stuck on what to get.  I like a bit warmer sound than neutral and I generally listen to rock, classical, and electronic.


A few options I was thinking about were the UE 900 or the UM Pro 30 which is a bit above my budget.


If anyone can give me a suggestion about what to get at this price range that'd be great.

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um pro 30 has extremely recessed upper mids and i wouldn't really recommend them for classical or any guitar centered rock. They're not just a bit warmer than neutral, theyre really really warm. i returned them because its bass bled into the mids/vocals.


can't say much about the ue900.


Have you tried asking joker? if you haven't just post in here!

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If you have limited budget, get UE TF10. For $350, I would get a used Westone Um3x  or 4r

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Decided to up my budget and get Earsonic SM64.  Thanks for the help guys.

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