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In Ear and Over Ear/Head

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Hi there ! I am going to buy in the near future two pair of headphones.One In Ear and one Over Ear/Head. I will use them on a Nexus 5 and on a Dell XPS 15, mostly for music ofc. The In Ear one has to have in-line microphone. Would be nice If the brand would be the same on both.... Don't ask why , I have a Brand obssesion smily_headphones1.gif). My budget is 200$ for both. I don't want " fashion " headphones , I want good quality ones if you know what I mean. I would like to get minimum 5 recommandations for both types.
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You should post here and read the stuff there.


Can't make a recommendation on in ears.


On ear: v-moda m80. or it's replacement, the vmoda xs. Yes they're kind of a fashion headphone, but i don't care (and most of head-fi) cuz they sound really good!


What are your music preferences? The only reason i can recommend the vmoda's is because they work well with a wide variety of genres.

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Dubstep, Electronic, Rap/ Hip- Hop and Rock sub - genres.
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Originally Posted by DumiXPS View Post

Dubstep, Electronic, Rap/ Hip- Hop and Rock sub - genres.


Yea. Get the V-Moda's. Period.


As far as in ears go, perhaps the RHA MA 750i's?

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