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Need a context reference point - Hifiman RE400s

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First off, please forgive me my silly questions - I am acknowledge that I am NOT an accomplished audiophile, but I very much dislike when an audio source is 'off', or simply lacking in the detail and punch to inspire the immersion and feeling that music/videos should be.


My use

A) I am a gamer, I use my PC36X most of the time for this though, as I need to communicate

B) I listen to a WIDE range of music, from (tasteful) dubstep to classical - it needs to have at least a bit of a bass punch and the ability to send chills with the right drop or bass moment, but I also place a lot of value on the clarity on the rest of the ranges


My situation, bullet pointed

A) At home, I currently use the Sennheiser PC363 (I also have a Sennheiser PC360, long story - blame our cats). I love the sound, but I need something that doesn't bleed out to the apartment, as my girlfriend can pretty much hear everything that is going on when something is loud

B) I also want to wear these at work, and think that having giant headphones on at work looks less professional than discrete earbuds - so earbuds are my focus

C) For my budget, < $100 is preferred. If there was something that just fit my situation so amazingly, I would go < $150

D) I also work out a lot, and prefer ear buds with "around the ear" fitting, but those seem to be increasingly rare... I would expand my budget considerably if I found an amazing pair of ear buds that also wrapped around for a completely secure hold with lots of movement.


I've read all the reviews on the HiFiMan RE400s, and keep hearing people say that they're great earbuds, but light on the bass end. What sort of contextual focus can someone provide for me here? How light on the bass are they? Compared to the PC360s, which I have been quite happy with? In other words - what sort of person would define it as 'too light' - just bass enthusiasts who only listen to hip hop/dubstep?


I have reviewed several entries here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-313-iems-compared-t-peos-tank-added-03-31-14-p-889


And the reviews have helped tremendously - but I don't have much of a reference point when he says things like "Not very bassy" - because people define "Enough Bass" differently.


I know there is a lot of info on these guys, but I figured posing those bass questions directly would help. I appreciate any and all feedback, or suggestions. Thank you!

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They're bass neutral. However, if there's outside noise, or if you're walking, and have to turn up the volume a bit, then they're bass light. Everything becomes bass light when the volume has to be turned up because of outside noise. I perceive the re400 and m80 as bass light when i turn their volume up while im a bus, for example.


The re400 will be bass neutral as long as you're not in a situation where bassy sounds are. For example, in a bus, or the sound of your footsteps when you're walking/running (which is quite bassy when your ears are sealed). 


As for reference, in a quiet room:

I consider the um pro as 30 bass heavy

m80 slighlty bass heavy

lcd2, he-400, re-400,  bass neutral

the hd800, hd448, hf5 slighly bass light

q701 bass light

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Thank you for the reply!


I see, so they're not going to really provide me with what I'm look for, is what I'm hearing. After digging more into reviews, it looks like the RHA-750 will provide me with the all around sound I'm looking for with more of a bass kick for ~$30 more than the RE400, at the sacrifice of a bit of midrange clarity


Now they just need to get back in stock on Amazon.... they are selling the RHA-750i for MSRP price, but are 'out of stock' of the non-mic version, and selling what they have for ~$300! Ew...... 


From reading reviews, it seems that the RHA-750 has more pronounced bass, but also a little lacking in overall clarity that the RE400 boasts

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