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Headphones up to £100/120€/170$

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I am looking for over-ear headphones for music up to 100 pounds.

Sound quality is the most important feature I care about.


Any suggestions?





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Open or closed?


First over-ear I got was the DT770 pro 80 (around 160 new).  Great bass that you can feel but the mids and details aren't the best.  A lot of fun and reaaaally comfortable.


If you want to go used you could probably get some AKG K/Q 701/702s that have great soundstage and texture (just better overall sound except for bass) for that price.


The DT770 are closed and the AKG are open though. 


I'm pretty new to this hobby too so just my 2 cents

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I think what u r looking for, NeoXx1, is neutral sound quality. If so, u can try the PSB M4U1, or the focal spirit one. They both cost singapore dollar 399 in my country. Overall though, the PSB M4U1 blows the focal spirit one away with its incredible detail and neutral sound for its price. Cnet has a glowing review on this headphone. Just google it.
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If this is out of ur budget, then u can try the ever popular ATH-M50X, the revised version of the ATH-M50. It now has 3 detachable cables, whereas the old one has a permanently attached cable, and it has slightly tighter bass and improved soundstage. The mids are a bit recessed, bit they still sound great in clarity. They r universally said to be the best cans below USD 200
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I'll just quote myself from another thread. For under £100 in a closed headphone, these could be your best bet:
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How about the Brainwavz HM5 and Fisher FA-003:
They are well known for comfort, and they have been popular in the <$150 class. And those are the same headphone. One manufacturer is making the cups and drivers, and then they are branded for different sellers. Right now you can get the Lindy version on Amazon UK (same headphone) for a very good price.
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