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For Sale: Schiit Mjolnir

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For Sale:
Schiit Mjolnir

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for grabs is my Schiit Mjolnir.  These are built like tanks, there's a few tiny scuffs but otherwise cosmetically awesome.  Purchased 8/2012 so still plenty of warranty remaining.  It's been a trouble free ownership experience thus far.  120 volts.


USA shipping will be $35.  International shipping will be about $130 for USPS Express.  You can pay me $730 up front for the amp and I will get an exact total, might be a little more or less.  If you want it a little faster, GXG is $170.  Slower services are not available due to the weight, they don't show up on the website.  

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Payment Sent!

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