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mini-shelf sound system

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Hello everyone,


I'm looking for a mini-shelf sound system or micro component sound system (I know they've been called both). So far I haven't found anything that truly fits my needs. I'm looking for a system that has good sound, but also has decent bluetooth. I thought I had found it with the: Onkyo C355, but then I read reviews that the bluetooth is horrible. I also saw the Yamaha MCR-B142, but can't find any trusted reviews on it. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Yamaha or know of any others they'd recommend.


I am open to suggestions for bluetooth speakers that would sound as good as a mini-shelf system, but as of yet haven't found one and prefer the cd player part of a shelf system. My budget is $350 or less. Thanks in advance!



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Not sure that you're fishing in the right pond on a headphone forum.

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