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Question for the experts.


Whats the weak link in the chain of connecting my phone a Galaxy S4 to stream from a DLNA server using the USB out function, to Audio-GD 11.32 driving HE-500 cans?  Cabelling is all generic stuff BTW.  The files are generally high quality FLACs and better, I have a fair bit of 24/96 in the library.


In my own estimation its the S4 and going back down to the native 16/44.1 of Android. I use Neutron as a player BTW.  Was pondering going to an OPPO-103 to feed the Audio-GD.  Thats why I am posting in the source components forum.


Other consideration would be the USB converter in the Audio-GD, would it sound better with a Matrix USB to SPDIF connector.


Second question will I hear a  noticeable difference?  I have a decent ear.