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For Sale:
Ultrasone Edition 10's Moon Audio Black Dragon Balanced Stealth Silver Pins Adapter Included

Will Ship To: USA

I bought these Edition 10's when I had a Woo WA22 and could run them balanced, so had them modified by Drew Baird at Moon Audio with ten feet of Black Dragon cabling ending in dual three-pin XLR's. I then had the actual pins replaced by Nick Gowan at True Sound in Campbell, CA with Stealth pure silver pins for the ultimate in sound quality. Later, I switched to an all single-ended system with a Woo WA6-SE so, as much as I like these headphones, they no longer really matched my system. Although I think they sound best balanced, I am including a balanced to mini-plug adapter that Drew made out of matching Black Dragon cabling so that I could plug them directly into my portable devices, with which they work quite well as they have a very low impedance and are easy to drive. I know my price may seem a little high but thees are really collectible headphones and have been optimized with the special cabling and the pure silver pins for the very best sound quality. Please feel free to ask me any questions.