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"Portable Source Gear

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I have the AK120 and tempted by the AK240, but if the Hugo can create a similar sound to the AK240 then Hugo it is.  I want to be able to hear the music with more definition eg the instruments and the AK240 apparently does this. Be grateful for help on deciding.


 I am currently using the AK120 with RSA Blackbird and iem Final Audio Heaven vi.  Whether it is my perception but when I use the amp the sound is just louder.  I have downloaded from Linn a high res Rolling Stones trackarrow-10x10.png and compared that with the same track with lower flac resolution and can honestly not notice much difference.  Could it be I need different headphones.




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Personally, I feel the AK240s are more than able to drive your iems. They drive my LCD-XCs at ear piercing volumes at around 60/75.


I have the Hugos and I dont feel a need to drive my iems through them and go direct from my ak240s. The amp section on the ak240s are plenty powerful and I can't hear very significant differences through my westones 4R between them and the Hugo. Fullsized headphones are a different matter. 


So I'm a happy camper with the ak240s and iems. Still I'd suggest trying both out at a local retailer. I love my ak240s for iems as I no longer need to carry any stacks around. Note Hugo is pretty huge and you need a source still though.

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Thanks for this Jayboy 76, I am looking to get the LCD xc , will have to sell my AK120 on ebay.  Sounds like the AK240 is that good.  By the time I save up for it the AK360 will be out.  


Thanks again

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I'm like you as well, I need to save up for such stuff which only brings greater satisfaction and appreciation when you finally own the piece. wink.gif
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