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Hello guys

I just purchased the I basso dx50 which I love
The sound signature is just what I was looking for from a dap.
As you guys might know the ibasso eq is not much to write
Home about' and the bass is a bit light .
The question is ' I have the e12 month blank amplifier
And want to pair it with the I basso to boost the bass
But the problem is I'm not to keen on the sound signature
Of the e12 .

Will connecting it with a line out dock cable use the sound signature
From the e12 or both

I am currently using a 3.5 to 3.5 which I believe uses the sound
Signature from the I basso dx50 .

Please guys how does this work
Don't want to use the l.o.d cable if I don't have to
But it's a cleaner connection right .

Maybe an option would be to buy another amp with the same sound signature
As my I basso dx50 .....not sure please help