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Worst Defected Product Experiences?

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I've had the worst luck with shipping online from Amazon. I've gotten defected products left and right and sometimes i don't even know if it is defected.


My worst experience is ordering the new M50x's thinking i got myself a bargain but then finding out that the driver isnt working on the right side or getting the new Launch Day PS4 for my brother finding out later that the fan and heat sink isnt working.


What is your worst shipping experiences while shipping headphones?

What would one look for in a "defected" headphones?


Im buying a V Moda M100 and since im new to the game, i was wondering what are some sure signs that a headphone is defective.

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I once bought a beats pro white (yeah, stupid, I know, but it's been 1,5 years) and when I got them, one of the earcups was really loose (they're ment to swivvel, but this was.. Different)

The next day I noticed the left one could only go one way (like it should be) and the right one could go both ways for some reasons, and without even touching it I could make it move (holding the headphone in different positions). I shrugged it off for some reason, and took it along with me to a family member's birthday, back from the birthday it was even worse, so I was about to contact the guys I bought it from (Tonecontrol, a dutch online store), and wanted to put it safe back in the box. Guess what, the earcup fell off. I tried to put it all back together but it looked quite sloppy.I contacted Tonecontrol and they wanted me to make some pictures, so I did, they told me it was hard to see (it looked like a child of 3 years put it back together, but OK), so I send it to them.

5 Days went by (and I didn't have any headphones to listen music with) and I recieved a mail. "Yeah it looks like you just gave it a huge smack". Even if I would've done that, the description said "can survive the hardest treatments of a DJ life, I'm just a regular kid who wants to listen to music. So I was really angry at them and said "Well if I gave it a smack, here should be scratches or anything, and I bet you you cannot find any". Nope, they didn't find any, so 6 weeks(!) later, I finally recieved another pair.

They are still fully functional till this very day :)

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HIFIMAN HE-6 - first pair delivered the left earcup was totally dead - no sound, second pair has a fault in right earcup, the material that covers the driver is not flush and sticks up in a V, and the left earcup rattles on bassy tracks!

So I'm hoping its going to be third time lucky confused_face.gif

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Out of maybe dozens of headphones i've never had more than 1 type die...


It was a Bose Triport which actually sounded good back then. The earcup broke off and they sent a replacement without even needing me to send the headphone back first! Wow! Got a replacement and it broke again months later.


My HD-598 has had a crack for a year but hasn't gotten worse.

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