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Finding Polarity On AKG K240's.

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So I came across a set of AKG K240's. with the left side driver detached. the wires the drivers and all anchoring is in great condition so I thought I'd give it a go at repairing them as I've done many micro soldering jobs in the past. 


Problem is... There is a Pink and a White wire that are only to be assumed to attach to the driver contacts. there is however nothing on the driver or the wires themselves to say which is which. 


I wondered if anyone might have a idea as to how to detect which I need to connect to which. As I'd really hate to get it all buttoned up and find out it's not right or worse suffer damaging the driver. So again we have a pink and a white wire. that are on the left hand side which is the plug in side as well. I took the plug off and found a 3 pin set for the plug the white wire is spliced and there seems to be a darker pink wire leading to the right cup. and the pink wire going to the left cup. 


If I were to guess I'd say just like any other wiring white is positive and colored is common ground (Negative) but I debate myself as common should only need one lead and two positives would make sense for stereo sound.


Hmmm. well before I let myself rambe more any suggestions are welcomed. 


Thank you!

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Well upon further inspection of the driver back. it would seem there is absolutely no markings what so ever to indicate a poll.


I'm going to disassemble the other side and see which is connected to a colored wire and which is connected to the white wire. seeing the drivers should be duplicated I would assume the same marks and info would show on both sides.

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