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Hey guys I have a few questions.

So I have a gaming rig and use a soundcard, Sound Blaster Fatal1ty Recon 3D. With this sound card I can connect my Ps4 though optical cable from the Ps4 to the optical in of the sound card. I can either use my pc speakers or my Steel Series 5H V3 headset, which is not the USB version it has the 3.5mm connectors. 

With that said I should be able to use the mic of the headset with the ps4. Now as we know the Ps4 controller has a 3.5mm connecter on the controller itself. So I should be able to take the 3.5mm jack from my headset and connect it to the controller, the only issue is that the 3.5mm jack on the headset is a 2 ring 3.5mm. I went out and got a 3.5mm male to female connector that at one end it has 3 rings, I figured that the 3rd ring would be for communication? Well I cannot get it to work at all for some reason, the controller does seem to pick up the connector but still cannot hear someone or my self or if I try to send a voice message to someone nothing is picked up, it shows that it is recording but you cannot hear anything. I still get ps4 audio though the steelseries headset connected to my sound card but the mic does not work as I have said before?


The funny thing is, if I connect my cell phone earbuds to the ps4 controller I can use that as a mic, I have tested it out and I can hear and talk to people with no issues, very weird??? I am trying to do this because I want to use the great audio features that my sound card has. Here is the link to my sound card:

So I am wondering if someone has this set up or a similar setup and if they have gotten it to work.
Hope someone can help me out with this, thank guys.