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I'm having a bit of trouble settling on a pair of headphones. I've been looking for a pair of headphones that I can use with my desktop. It drives headphones pretty well, but I'll probably invest in a decent amp like a Fiio E12 or something along those lines. My criteria for the pair I'm looking to buy are


Over ear

Closed back

Removeable/ replaceable cable

Good detail the treble and mids

decently punchy bass

Able to be decently driven by my phone (Lumia 1020)


Isolation and sound leakage are something I want to put into consideration for my fiance's sake, but aren't a driving force in the choice

I'd like to actually enjoy how my headphone looks when it's not on my head, but it's also not a huge driving force

Things like replaceable ear pads are good, and "bang for buck" things like carrying case, extra cable included, ETC are cool, but also not a big driving force.


After a long search, I've come down to the Sennheiser HD8, and the Shure SRH1540. Just researching reviews, impressions, reading the fluffy flavour text have all driven me to these two.From most of what I've seen, the Sennheiser HD8s do a great job with things like the mids, pretty good job with the treble, and have the bass I'd like. The Shure SRH1540s, however, have everything I'm looking for, but for $120 approx. over the Sennheiser. 


I've had in the past things like the Sony MDR-7506, Monster in-ear, Sennheiser HD558, and various other low dollar or included headphones. I loved the MDR-7506, but I made the mistake of leaving them on the desk where the puppy destroyed the cable. I'm using the HD558 right now, and I love them for the most part, but the bass lack... Body. 

Basically, if there is enough detail in the Sennheiser HD8s, I'll just get those and a portable headphone amp for when I'm using them with my phone on a dog walk, or something. If the treble and mids leave a lot to be desired, I'll take the Shures, and hold out a bit longer on the amp. Please help. I'd be losing sleep, if I ever slept, over this.