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Having spent ages making sure I had full track selection and volume/mic function on my Galaxy Note 2 (which eventually led to me making my own custom cables) I was both excited by the improvements to sound quality when I bought my first headphone amp and disappointed that I was back to square one of having to remove my phone every time I wanted to skip tracks. Heaven forbid I should ever receive a phone call when out and about as it involved a rather undignified attempt to hold my already enormous phone to my ear with the additional burden of an amp strapped to its back along with all the necessary cables. A lesser human being would have used a separate device (I do own an ipod touch) but don't like the idea of carrying too much surplus equipment. Anyway, to cut to the chase, I already owned this cable which I had bought to add remote functionality to my ue triple fi's:

This connects neatly to my phone which goes in my back pocket and is long enough to allow my headphone amp to sit in the breast pocket of my coat with the remote and mic clipped outside my clothing using a spare clip I got with some iems. The result is mic/track/Volume control despite the amp. I know the true audiophiles out there will whence at the extra connections interrupting pure signal transmission but I think the sacrifice is worth it for the extra convenience. The cable itself is not bad quality too and whilst not up to Grade quality us pretty thick. Hope it helps out a few fellow head fiers