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Recommend a headset / headphones please

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This is my first time posting on these boards after spending countless hours trying to figure out what I want to buy (and coming up empty handed for most parts). Anyway, I'm by no means an audiophile, but I do value quality products and if I spend money on something, that something might as well be good.


Now, I mostly want this new piece of hardware for gaming / watching movies and listening to a song here and there. In the past I've mostly had gaming headsets, but those things keep dying on me despite the fact that I tend to take extremely good care of them. I've had a Steelseries Siberia v2, a Logitech g230, a CAL! (for about a week) and most recently a Creative Tactic3D Wrath (wireless).

The first 2 headsets all died after about half a year (the g230 had some atrocious cables that eventually gave in), the CAL would've been great sound wise, but the earcups were way too small and the Wrath was just... well, they weren't the most comfortable and the constant white noise just made me want to jump out of the window. Bottom line is, I want something better.


My #1 priority is comfort. I'm gonna wear these things for hours upon hours and comfort is by far and away the most important thing I'm looking for. It might be worth mentioning that the g230 had the best design of the 4 headsets I've had in recent years, as it had relatively large earcups my entire ear could fit into and all around it was just very well made (I'm sure its still considered mediocre at best by some of you, but for a rookie like me it was still great).
Sound is still important, but I'm using my on-board soundcard anyway so chances are I won't get magic out of even the best headphones unless I buy a dedicated soundcard. Lastly, I have no illusions about gaming headsets and that's not why I kept on buying them. Truth is that I wanted a microphone that was just a tad bit better than my current Zalman clip-on mic and unfortunately, here in Hungary it's pretty hard to buy anything decent in the microphone department unless you want to spend quite a lot of money on it.


My budget is around 90-100 euros ($125). I'd really appreciate it if you could give me at least a handful of recommendations, seeing as how most retailers around here don't exactly swim in decent headsets / headphones and many of the suggestions I've found on these boards were actually missing from those shops.


All help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Bump. Any advice would be much appreciated. 

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Not so much a specific recommendation towards a specific headset, but more towards the mic.


What I'm considering is the modmic: http://www.modmic.com/

These can be added to pretty much any pair of headphones.


After that you can start looking into the best pair of headphones for the remaining budget. This gives you infinitely more choice than going for a dedicated gaming headset. I'm sure there is some topic around here that discusses several headsets in your price range.


I went with the beyerdynamic DT770. Super comfortable, and lots of bang for buck. I got mine for 133 euro incl. shipping, so sadly a bit out of your pricerange, especially if you still need to buy a mic.

You could consider using your zalman mic for now though, and get the modmic later. That gives you a bit more budget towards the headphones for now.

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First, I'd think all of your expectations might be exceeding your budget.

Have you looked at this gaming headphone guide? http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-update-3-29-2014-ultrasone-hs-15-added-edits
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I have, but most of these things either look pretty small (like the CAL), cost too much or are unavailable at local retailers. I didn't realize my expectations would exceed my budget, to be completely honest if there was a headset that looked exactly like the g230, sounded exactly like the g230, but was at least slightly more durable without a microphone I would be completely fine with that. I don't know if I'm just beyond help unless I stretch my budget, but either way I thought it was worth a shot asking around.

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I posted to this thread, but either it wasnt approved by a mod, or it will be approved later.


The jist of it was:

- Buy seperate mic (look into the modmic. Looks like the 4.0 will be worth waiting for). You could get by with the zalman you already have.

- Buy seperate headphones


If the budget is just for the headphones, that opens it up to a lot more options! That wasnt entirely clear from your first post.

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I'd be fine sticking to the Zalman mic for now if that meant getting a comfortable set of headphones that didn't break within the first 5 months.

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Due to the #1 priority being comfort, I'd look at the buyers guide on this forum for anything comfortable. The G230 probably isn't that great sound-wise (heck, the twice as expensive G35 isn't so good), so pretty much anything will do.


One possibility I found was the Denon D1100, but if you can push the budget just slightly, I seriously suggest going with the same I did (DT770, see previous posts. You can get some great deals on those, and I doubt your going to find anything more comfortable than these in that price range).

Another option that looks promising would be the Sennheiser HD518. You can probably get those locally. I see them for 83 euro in my country, and they're supposed to be very comfortable as well, but I don't have personal experience with these.

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How about the Brainwavz HM5 and Fisher FA-003:
They are well known for comfort, and they have been popular in the <$150 class. And those are the same headphone. One manufacturer is making the cups and drivers, and then they are branded for different sellers. Right now you can get the Lindy version on Amazon UK (same headphone) for a very good price. If you research those threads and discover the other brand names that sell them, perhaps you might even find them cheaper or near you.
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Thanks for all the suggestions so far, I will definitely look into them! Could you also share your opinion about the SENNHEISER HD 449, HD 439 and HD 429? Are they worth considering?

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HD558 and then get a ModMic 2.3


-Great soundstage for games/movies.  You can use a free program like Razer Surround for getting good surround sound out of these.

-Very comfortable.

-Removable Cable is a plus

-Open back, they will leak in and out sound so that's one thing to keep in mind.



ModMics have great sound quality and you can put them on any headphone. (You put a little magnetic base onto your headphone then the mic just sticks on that so it's easily removable for when you don't want the boom mic in front of you (much better to have a boom mic than the clip on Zalman)

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