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Schiit Magni + Modi for HiFiMan HE-400?

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I just purchased a pair of HE-400s and I'm trying to find a nice Amp + DAC Setup to pair with them. I'm looking to spend around $150-$200 on the final pieces and from what I've read, the Magni + Modi stack seem to be excellent performance for the price and the best plug and play setup anywhere near that price range. Would you guys recommend them as a good match for the HE-400s? I know the O2/ODAC are also recommendations in this price range but they're quite a bit more expensive and it appears you have to build your own which I'm not really up for. lol


As of now, I have decent onboard audio with my Asus Maximus V Formula which has their SupremeFX IV Audio Solution. Is it worth it to upgrade to the Modi? If so, I can simply sell this motherboard, snag a cheaper one, and buy the Modi with the difference between the two. Aside from that, are there any sound cards that would be an improvement over the Modi in that price range? I've seen quite a few people using Creative and Asus Xonar sound cards with their systems. I know a separate DAC would be a no brainer if the PC wasn't involved but since that is what I'll be using, I'm not sure what the best option will be and what would pair best with these headphones.


My setup will be for roughly 50% Music, 30% Movies & TV Shows, and 20% Gaming. The source will always be coming from my PC so the Amp will connect to that, whether it be to a sound card or through a DAC. Let me know what you guys think.



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Bump. :)


Would appreciate any help. Hoping to have it figured out soon so I can place the order or snag them from here and have them ship out tomorrow.



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My advice:


go for the Magni first. See if the sound is good coming out of your sound setup on your PC. If you lack anything, purchase the Modi as a second step a month or two later. No need to invest money if you are happy already.


I can't comment on PC sound cards and their quality, so you gotta test it I guess.




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I agree with the above, there's really no appreciable difference between the O2 and the Magni, as someone did a comparison awhile ago between the 2 and stated the difference is merely cosmetic, that the Magni is cheaper, looks better, and has better input positions (input on back instead of everything on the front). I went with the Magni, which cannot be more perfect with my HE-400.

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