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For Sale:
FS: Sennheiser IE 800/Fischer Amps FA 4E-XB

Will Ship To: Inside EU preferred, but may consider other places too

Good evening Head-Fi people!


I´m saving money to try the Shure SE846 so these two are going on sale:


(1) Sennheiser IE 800, mint condition, all original stuff included, bought from Stockmann (most well known department store in Finland, sell all high end Sennheiser gear) with receipt, serial number 4623, lots of warranty left --> 500 euros including trackable shipping inside the EU


(2) Fischer Amps FA 4E-XB, mint condition, all original stuff included, bought from Thomann (receipt will be sent too), lots of warranty left, blue version, FA sticker logo removed from both earpieces as it comes off easily and looks better without it --> 300 euros including trackable shipping inside the EU


I am open to a deal trade involving Shure SE 846. Also reserving the right to choose (or if I sell in the first place) who I sell to to: members with high positive feedback/post count are preferred. 


Thanks for reading! If you are interested, send me a message and we can discuss the details! If you are outside the EU and have a solid record on your Head-Fi profile, I´m ok with discussing a potential sale outside the EU too.

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