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AK 100 and 120 problems - please help

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I posted the post below on AK120 thread and I opened a new thread since I'm sick of tired of the basic bug of this supposedly high end players:


"guys, i had the same problem with this 120 to my 100, but this time its worst. I loaded some songs freshly ripped. First to the sd card ,a lot of the songs would play for like 10 seconds then an error came on "Your songs is not supported format, play next song ? Yes/No". I had the same problems with 100 but taking the memory card out and reinserted it then manual scan it usually solve the problems although later on it came back again. But the same procedure will solve it again. Its a pain in the neck though.


Now with the 120, the same procedure wont solve it. Then i moved the songs to internal storage and the same things keeps happening again. Firmware is the latest one. It's very disappointing for 1k-ish DAP if they couldn't solve a basic problems like this.


Any ideas for troubleshooting this problem ? Thanks"


Latest update : factory reset/relocating the files to internal storage/rolling back the firmware as far as version 1.3, all didn't help.



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Anyone pls ? 

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This isn't what you may want to hear but I've not seen any other reports that I recall and haven't had these issues. The fact you're having the same issue on a second similar device suggests something in relation to your rips. What did you use? Is there anything you can think of that makes yours unique? Does this happen completely randomly or to specific tracks? Have you got unusual tags in your files? Images too large?

To verify the above hunch, can you copy a friends music to a spare MicroSD card and see if the problem replicates? If not, I think its safe to say its your files. If yes, then I think you've been incredibly unlucky. Of course it might be your SD card if the files are getting corrupted somehow. So try a different SD in that test above.

Good luck
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i use dbpoweramp, no fancy parameter and pretty much everything is default. i sometimes do have a slightly bigger album images on the folder but i dont think thats the issue since the album cover did not appear anyway. it only happens on a specific track. i will try to re rip some of the tracks and see how it goes. fyi, the memory card i was using has been perfect with my other player......

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found the culprit (i think). Ones cannot have the same songs numbering in the same folder when you rip it.


Say I ripped a double disc of ABC Band disc 1 and 2, this must be separated into 2 different folders. Cannot simply rip into same folders and throw everything inside. So instead ABC Band ,album DEF, in one folder, this must be separated into 2 disc 1 and disc 2.


If you dump everything into the same folders, the order become 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5, and so on. The second song on each iteration will display the error message and will not play

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Let's hope so. Are the songs the same title just different versions? I usually rip multi disc albums to separate folders but occasionally I have put them in the same folder. To overcome the problem you've got, I use MP3Tag to change the track numbers of the second or later discs so they are sequential then rename the titles to use the track# Title.extension. This makes each file unique and would overcome the issue. You could actually change the track numbers in DBpoweramp before ripping but I am unsure if it names the files the track order from the disc or the ones you inserted. Seeing as you can re-title tracks I think it should be the latter.

One more thing. I can't remember the limit but I am sure AKs don't like too large album art. I use max 500x500 and mostly 300x300. Given the resolution of most screens this still gives a reasonably sharp image.

Hope you're all fixed!
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Thanks. Songs are entirely different title. It's a multi thousands dap and such basic bug should not be there.  Album art limitation is another bug. Wonder if all this happens with 240 too?  

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Just got a reply from AK. Apparently its a known bug. Hopefully they can fixed it. And nope, my findings above is not the solution. It happens also on random songs apparently and PROBABLY its alleviated if the above conditions also exist



Thanks for contacting iriver and Astell&Kern customer support. 


After checking with our engineering team, and unfortunately, the random recognition of SD cards is currently a known issue and the best suggestion to resolve the issue for now is to reboot the AK120 whenever it occurs.
Our engineers are currently hard at work resolving this issue and we hope to have it resolved in the next firmware update. Please stay with v1.37 as the latest version of the firmware provides the best support for the MicroSD card slots.


We apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused. Please continue to contact us via email, as we try to answer each and every inquiry, one by one.


Thank you for your understanding.




Astell&Kern/iriver Support
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I don't want to jinx myself but I have had zero issues with my 2 cards in my 120 and both of them are 128 cards and I had zero issues with the 64gb cards i used prior

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