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For Sale: IC: Sony MDR CD-3000

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
IC: Sony MDR CD-3000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These headphones are rare.

Original owner but willing to part with these classic headphones.


The images show that these headphones have very little wear and probably less than 50 hours of total listening time.

The earpads are the ORIGINAL OEM pads and do show signs of wear, but anyone who knows about this "pleather" material knows how delicate it is!


I am including 2 sets of replacement earpads (they are not OEM as they are not manufactured anymore).


Willing to entertain offers!

Many reviews on head-fi.

PM if interested



Original box

Original cable

Original Mini to 1/4" gold headphone adapter

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Pm sent
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A lot of interest on these, so I had to move to ebay for auction.


Thanks so much for all of the looks and interest.


Link to the item:

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Why even post on head-fi if you were going to put it on ebay for auction?
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I wasn't going to post on ebay, however lots of interest: in fact too difficult to manage multiple offers.


Still might be people interested in the item from this site.

It's a great forum with lots of members who can't be on all the time.  Some people might be interested in such an item but not know how to find it...



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Thanks for all the interest.


These have been sold.

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